Another Strong Year for Harvest Donations


Aspen Gilmer

Starting this year with the traditional banners of our Harvest of Love meal days. Walat Gozeh says, “I cannot wait to see who wins this year’s Harvest!”

The holidays are right around the corner, and it’s a time of receivin,g but also a time for giving back. Harvest of Love is a way that as a school we can help give back to the people who may need a little help during the holidays.

Here at Doherty, there are a lot of activities we do to help raise money for people in need this holiday season. We have Rent a Spartan, Lip Sync Battle, Staff vs Student basketball game, our pasta dinner, ice a teacher or put your friend in jail at lunch, and you cannot forget about the main event, the food drive.

To start off the food drive we started with Pasta/mac n cheese. 11/1 canned meats. 11/2 boxed and canned meals. 11/3 rice day. 11/4 canned fruits. 11/7 flour and cornmeal. 11/8 peanut butter. 11/10 dried beans. 11/11P owdered and canned milk. 11/14 canned vegetables. 11/15 breakfast food. 11/16 canned yams, gravy and cran berries. 11/17 instant potatoes and stuffing. 11/18 Turkey Day.

Rent-a-Spartan and Lip Sync Battle were a success with Environmental Club taking the win for their performance of “Let it Grow” from the Lorax. Senior Jasmine Weeden, one of the Spartans being rented, was rented by two of her friends. It was a show not to be missed, especially with Mr. Galvan turning it into a dating show.

The staff vs student basketball game was intensely fun with students leading 71/70. Good job Spartans.

Last year we raised $51,005 and all together we raised $414,504, but we are hoping we can raise even more then last year.

Mrs. Montague’s class received the trophy for most points. Mrs. Montague had this to say about her emotions: “I was just proud of the kids. They did it. I didn’t do it. I just sat here and graded. The kids did it all, and that’s the power.”

Overall, this year we raised $47,339 and 5,248 lbs. of food during our annual Harvest of Love campaign.