NFL 2023 Playoff Picture and Our Editor’s Picks



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Matchup overview:
Seahawks vs 49ers
The NFL Wildcard Round is set to kickoff Saturday, January 14th at Levi’s stadium, the home of the 49ers, who match up against the Seattle Seahawks. The 49ers are coming in strong at (13-4) with a rolling offense led by rookie sensation Brock Purdy, along with star wide receiver Debbo Samuell and star running back Christian McCaffrey. Pair this offense with one of the most feared defenses in the league and you have a team that is a serious contender. The Seattle Seahawks led by QB Geno Smith, who was a magic man the first half of the season, has started to run out, so we will see if he has enough magic left in him to beat this 49ers team.
Dolphins vs Bills
Sunday football is set to start with the Miami Dolphins matched up against the Buffalo Bills. The Dolphins, who have a great offense, also face QB Tua Tagovailoa, who is ruled out with a concussion and will not play in Sunday’s game. But will the Dolphins WR core led by Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle be able to beat the Buffalo Bills high-powered offense led by star QB Josh Allen and star WR Stefon Diggs?With the 3rd highest ranked defense in the playoffs and something to prove following damar Hamlin’s injury which shocked the sports world, the Buffalo Bills can be serious contenders.
Giants vs Vikings
The NY Giants vs the Minnesota Vikings is Sunday the 15th afternoon game the Giant led by QB Daniel Jones and star Running back Saquon Barkley are a duo to be feared but on the other side of the field you have Minnesota Vikings heavily feared offense led by QB Kirk Cousins, RB Dalvin Cook, and star wide receiver Justin Jefferson is a team to watch in these playoffs.
Ravens vs Bangles
Sunday wraps up with the Baltimore Ravens playing against the Cincinnati Bangles set to kickoff at 6:15 the Ravens QB Lamar Jackson who is playing with a minor knee injury, but the Ravens have the 6th best ranked defense in the playoffs face up against the Cincinnati Bangles who are returning to the playoff after losing to the LA rams in last year’s super bowl Led by QR Joe (Schiesty) Burrow and star WR Ja’Marr Chase are a team to fear in this year’s playoffs.
Chargers vs Jaguars
Chargers vs the Jaguars are set to play Saturday the 14th the chargers led by offensive stars QB Justin Herbert and WR Keenan Allen have a solid pair with Joey Bosa leading the defense go head-to-head with the jaguars who are led by QB Trevor Lawrence are a team no one expected to come this far but are showed how dominant they can be in the second half of the last game they had against the Tennessee Titans.

Cowboys vs Buccaneers
The Dallas Cowboys vs the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is set to start on Monday the 16th the Dallas cowboys have had a very solid defense this year and is ranked 2nd for the playoffs and led by QB Dak Prescot and RB Ezekiel Elliott the cowboys’ offense is looking good, but on the other hand you have the Tampa-Bay Buccaneers led by QB Tom Brady and if there is one thing he has shown us it is to never count him out even with his team having the 8th best ranked defense in the playoffs.

Vincent Tomberlin and Garret Weaver Super Bowl predictions (1/17/23)
Vincent Tomberlin predicts that the Super Bowl will be Chiefs and 49ers (24-27) Chiefs win!
Garret Weaver Super Bowl predictions is that the Bangles and 49ers (37-30) 49ers win!