DHS Students Wins Aerospace Scholarship


Courtesy of Pyper Alrich

Pyper Alrich won the The Future STEM Leaders Scholarship. The scholarship gives $5000 to five select students in five cities.

The Future STEM Leaders Scholarship is a scholarship that is given to 5 students from Huntsville, Alabama, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Hill, Utah, Arlington/Alexandria Virginia, Chantilly, Virginia and Albuquerque, New Mexico. This year, the fund decided to award its $5000 to Doherty High School senior Pyper Alrich. Aerospace Corporation sponsors the scholarship.

The Aerospace STEM Endowment Fund was established back in 2015 to help students from all backgrounds pursue the career of the sciences. It also helps those students with mentor opportunities during their senior year. The scholarship is also only to those who show leadership and academic discipline.

Aldrich applied last year when she was a junior. “I applied for the scholarship last year and my scholarship coordinator emailed me about receiving the scholarship and did an interview with the local newspaper,” she said.

She continued by saying, “I was super excited because this is one of the larger aerospace companies that I could possibly work for in the future and by choosing me as their recipient it reassured me and the path that I’m on!”

Pyper hopes to pursue this scholarship and apply to Purdue University, studying aerospace, astronautical engineering and astrophysics.

Note from the Editor: We have added info to show that Aerospace Corporation sponsors the scholarship and added this year’s link for the application.

Link for the Scholarship