Environmental Club Gives Back!


Walat Gozeh

Environmental Club holding the boxes that they decorated themselves. These said boxes will be given to The Place Wednesday. “I hope this opens more opportunities” said Ms. Seay

The Environmental Club gives its heart to giving back. It’s one of the many lessons you learn when you join the club. They do this by recycling around the school every week and helping clean up Carver Elementary. Their mission is simple: informing the Doherty community about the environment and beautifying that same community. “[It is] making the school more environmentally friendly and also teaching others on how to be environmentally friendly,” said the club’s president Sabrina Szostak.

“[It is] a group of students that has a [legitimate] concern about mother earth,” added advisor Ms. Seay.

But as of lately they came up with a new way to give back. Recently, a local teen homeless shelter in the area ‘The Place’ was running low on items like socks and underwear. “Another member came up with the idea and we collaborated and came up with something that would work,” said Sabrina Szostak.

According to Ms. Seay, the idea to have it at The Place had come from a conversation with Ms. Hienton. “It came as an epiphany, it was teens helping fellow teenagers.”

Tuesday Wilson helping to cut reusable wrapping paper for a shoebox. “It’s nice for the people in need” said Wilson (Walat Gozeh)

So that’s what they did. They gathered up all essentials they could and put them in self-decorated shoeboxes. “This gives students a chance to see the community in this way and also give back in this way” said VP Lana King, she continued, by saying, “We are [actually] helping the community around us.”

Lana King helping wrap up a shoebox. “It’s truly beneficial” said King (Walat Gozeh)

As of February 7, 2023, seven shoeboxes are set to be given to The Place. Filled to the brim of hair ties, underwear, toothbrushes, etc. “We care for others in difficult situations, it’s not just about the environment, it’s being a good human being,” stated Ms. Seay

In essence, Environmental can be summed up in the words of its President, “If you have the time and resources, then you can help where you can.”

(Left to Right) Sabrina Szostak and Jacie Bradley helping to put a shoebox together. “It gives back to the community in a fun way” said Bradley (Walat Gozeh)