The Dark Side of Valentine’s Day


Jasmine Weeden

Valentine’s day: a time sparked with love and joy everywhere, but not everyone feels like this.

Are you caught up in the red, pink, and white lining the halls? As we remember the most romanticized day of February, we glimpse affection, passion, and happiness. But, do you ever notice the dark side of February 14th? We tend not to look where red, pink, and white don’t quite shine. But, numerous Doherty students who are single have strong feelings toward the 14th.

Valentine’s Day is a traditional day for most students here at Doherty. When most students look around the halls, we see everyone dressing for the day of love. Students usually organize gifts for their lovers, buddies, and even educators to spread love and show pridefulness. Students usually receive presents for this particular day, and some responde with a hard no because “I love myself,” but others answer with yes, but only “from friends.” They explain not everyone needs to have a lover on Valentine’s day, but friends are so much better.

When you’re not in a relationship, it might be hard to see others showing their love for one another. Because of this most people don’t like the holiday or think it’s cheesy. Multiple students stated how they feel when couples exchange gifts in front of them. One responded with “it hurts”, others exclaimed that they think, ”it’s cute and fun to see.”

Everyone during this holiday is in their “feels”. Some explained that even though they might not be in a relationship now, they still find it sweet to see. Others would rather continue their day with no “interruptions of love”.

However you may feel about the pink, red and white lining the halls, we are here to tell you that Valentine’s Day can be special to you regardless of your relationship status. You don’t always need someone to buy you chocolates and flowers, you can buy them for yourself. Valentine’s Day is the day of love, and you can show that to your friends and family, not just a significant other.