Doherty Students Attend YCD Conference


Courtesy of Donna Jamison

From left to right, back row: Mrs. Jamison, Marley Harlow-TaFoya, Madison Fisher, Reginald Jones, James Abeyta, Toni Garcia Ruiz. In the front: Shyla Salmon and Levi Schiff.

YCD Colorado was formed after an unfortunate event. In 1994 at Cherry Creek High School, multiple students showed up in blackface. Their teacher, Mrs. Janet Simmons, who is now retired, realized that she had to inform all students that this act was bad and why it was bad so something like it would never happen again. That’s where the Youth Celebrate Diversity program started.

Ever since this program started in Cherry Creek, it has been spread to 18 more schools. Youth Celebrate Diversity is a program dedicated to, “educating and empowering youth in order to advance inclusion and equity for all.” The YDC believes that young people will lead America forward in a country that is advanced in inclusion and that has created a culture where everyone feels safe and respected. YCD’s main goal is to teach students, or even adults, how to address inequity and injustice and fight for positive social change.

According to the YCD, forms of oppression like racism or sexism can produce students who experience obstacles in life such as drug use or homelessness. The “Theory of Change” is a nine-point theory and process that plans how these problems will be fixed, and how to fix them.

The YCD is only physically active in two states, and all other states are online. Since we are a physical state every year the YCD holds a conference for schools being members of the program. Our school went to the conference in Denver, the conference contained workshops and speakers that connected and spoke to the students. Doherty Co-Chair Marley Tafoya appreciated the conference because, “It was a chance to connect with other schools in the state, not just at Doherty.”

Mrs. Donna Jamison is the Doherty sponsor for the club, and you can contact her if want to join. The YCD tries to promote awareness on their website and at everything they go to, please check their website at