Stop China’s Mysterious Spy Balloons

Chinas spy balloons have been all over the country trying to get more info from the US.

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China’s spy balloons have been all over the country trying to get more info from the US.

According to the New York Times, China has been recently sending weather balloons with radar-like technology to the US. By the time a Chinese spy balloon crossed into American airspace late last month, U.S. military and intelligence agencies had been tracking it for nearly a week, watching as it lifted off from its home base on Hainan Island near China’s south coast.
The New York Times says the first one that was spotted was over South Carolina’s coast. President Joe Biden demanded that we shoot it down.“We don’t yet know what these three objects were, but nothing right now suggests that they were related to China’s spy balloon program or that they were surveillance vehicles from any other country,” Biden said at the White House.” Over the course of a couple weeks, over five of China’s spy balloons have been found all over the US. The Pentagon has also found an unidentified object about 40,000 feet above sea level, which is right around the height where commercial planes fly, which could be a danger for US citizens. So the Pentagon decided to shoot it down immediately. We had no idea what this object was, so we labeled it as an unidentified object.
According to the New York Times, “American intelligence agencies have assessed that China’s spy balloon program is part of a global surveillance effort that is designed to collect information on the military capabilities of countries around the world, according to three American officials.”
President Joe Biden has announced he is trying to calm the tensions down of the Chinese spy balloons. He has also said he is going to speak with President Xi Jinping to voice his objection about the Chinese spy balloon surveillance. Since February 4th, 2023 there have been three objects shot down. Biden had also said they may have been for research and not spy craft.
According to PBS, even though they have balloons for either research or spy craft, the US has denied that we have surveillance balloons over China. I believe this is a good decision. If we did, we may have a chance of starting a war. I believe the only reason President Biden has not declared war is because we get a lot of supplies and imports from China.

Several congressmen have predicted that we will have more balloons fly over the airspace of the US. I think President Biden needs to be ready and figure out what all these balloons are doing all over the US airspace. They might be trying to get more information about our military secrets because out of all the countries in the world, we have the most military power. We have also spent over 036;800.67 Billion dollars on military equipment. With our military we have more power than most countries in the world.
This whole problem with the spy balloons is it is just a mess and needs to be fixed. Biden and the military are working on trying to figure out more details. Something that would fix this is that President Joe Biden should have more meetings with the president of China to discuss the problem and hopefully resolve it.
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