Celebrity Gossip Shows DHS Community The Effects Of Cyberbullying


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The raging drama going on between model Hailey Bieber and singer Selena Gomez sheds light on how bully can effect all kinds of people.

Social media has a huge effect on everyone today. We post our daily lives and keep up with what others are doing. We see our favorite celebrities whom we look up to and strive to be like.
Of course, social media has a positive side, but as the internet exploded, from the negativity that was the Hailey Bieber, and Selena Gomez situation. Hailey posted a TikTok video with some friends using a sound that quotes “and I’m not saying she deserved it, but I’m saying god’s timing is always right.” Fans were quick to call out Hailey, saying she was throwing shade towards Selena Gomez.

On February 22nd Selena Gomez posted an Instagram story talking about how she accidently over laminated her eyebrows and on the same day Kylie Jenner posted a picture of her eyebrows with the caption: “This was an accident????” Later after that post, she posted a screenshot with Hailey of their Facetime call showing off their eyebrows. An obvious jab at Gomez.

“Kylie and Hailey prove to be extremely immature. I really like Kylie, but the eyebrow stories were obvious about Selena and gave a bully/mean girl vibe,” said @aryellabutterflykisses on TikTok.
Fans did not let them get away with this bullying, and they were quick to stand up for Selena Gomez. They gave Hailey, Kylie and Kendall Jenner the nickname of “Mean Girls.” Fans started digging on Hailey Bieber because no one really knew who she was other than she married Justin Bieber.

They had found a post she had made about Selena when she was with Justin and how she would stalk both at social gatherings.

Things have really started to get out of hand with more things coming up, and all have lost tons of followers on all social media. Selena Gomez has now become the most followed female on Instagram.
“Wow just wow at this point!” says another fan on TikTok.

This situation keeps going and more keeps coming to surface, with other celebrities and many fans it looks like Selena Gomez is going to get the justice she deserves.
Social media impacts students’ lives because many kids get bullied by other kids from their school, and they are learning from what they see.

Teachers tell us at a young age school is the safest place you can be, but is it really? School is where most bullying comes from. Anyone can post something to their Instagram and another student will dislike it, so they will comment something really mean making that student feel bad about themselves.

English teacher Gina Turner, is very passionate about wanting to stop cyberbullying and has this to say. “I think it’s really sad and someone who does that just has some serious insecurities.”
Counselor at Doherty High School, Destiny Rosenberg works with many students, and has seen the effects social media can have on someone. She stated, “It can create unrealistic expectations, especially with teens.”
Adding, “It can [also] create an unhealthy obsession with your phone”

We all want to fit in, but please do not be like everyone else. If someone you know is being bullied in person or on social media, stand up for them. Bullying can take a serious toll on someone’s mental health if it is affecting you. Please reach out for help, talk to a friend or an adult you trust.