Outdoor Lunch Locations Around Doherty

With warmer weather approaching, students are becoming more interested in getting outside whenever possible like during lunch. A popular outdoor lunch choice at Doherty are the tables located directly at the front of the school. Though you have to be careful because on sunny days these tables fill up fast, (Erica Kirchner)
Around Doherty, students are easily able to find these block seats as they are located in the front and side of the school providing a great place to sit with a few friends and relax. (Erica Kirchner)
The variety of trees beside Doherty’s tennis court includes plenty options of seating choices without much distance from the school’s entrance. (Erica Kirchner)
The trees beside Doherty’s track field may interest some due to the well provided shade and spacious room for bigger groups. (Erica Kirchner)
If all the seats are already in use and you’re not interested in sitting on the ground, there are plenty off campus places that offer outdoor tables. Next time you want to take a walk or drive, try looking for food places with seats outside. (Erica Kirchner)