Candidate Breakdown: Dempsey Schrader


Walat Gozeh

Dempsey Schrader. Your future Vice President.

Spartans it is election season! Here at The Spartan, we believe that everyone deserves a voice, and the value that reporting news has on society today. In acting on this mission, we sat down with every candidate running for the 2023-2024 Cabinet, so that he/she can introduce themselves and share their platform. Voting is during 2nd – 6th period in front of the Spartan Room on April 21, 2023. Enjoy knowing who is on the ballot and happy voting!

About the Candidate:
Q: What is your name and what position are you running for?
A: My name is Dempsey Schrader, and I am running for Vice President.

Q: Can you describe yourself?                                                                                                                                                                             A: I am currently in student council, which I really love – especially Harvest of Love, it is one of my biggest passions. I am also involved in tennis!

Q: What do you enjoy about Doherty?
A: I really enjoy that people are willing to put themselves out there for different things. [For example] Anytime we ask someone to do a student-staff basketball game they are super excited to do it.

Q: Have you been in student council before, if not what is something like it that you have been involved in?
A: I have been a representative [in student council] for the past two years.

Q: What have you experienced that makes you a good candidate for the position?
A: I think I am a good candidate because I know what it takes to keep things running the way they do. I do not think many people know the behind the scenes for a lot of our activates. So, I think kind of knowing how that works makes me the best choice.


Q: What is Doherty’s biggest problem and how would you fix it?
A: I think the biggest problem right now is participation and apathy. I would fix it by adapting to the student body. I know we have been doing things the way of pre-COVID, but it is not working because everything is different now. So, I would change up the way we do publication, and coming up with new and fresh ideas to student council.

Q: What do you think the position you running for entails?
A: Well one of the big ones is being the co-chair of Harvest of Love, which again I love, so I would be super excited to run that and keep it a big tradition at Doherty. The other being able to help council run smoothly.