Candidate Breakdown: RJ Jones


Walat Gozeh

RJ Jones. One of your candidates for Secretary of Morale

Spartans it is election season! Here at The Spartan, we believe that everyone deserves a voice, and the value that reporting news has on society today. In acting on this mission, we sat down with every candidate running for the 2023-2024 Cabinet, so that he/she can introduce themselves and share their platform. Voting is during 2nd – 6th period in front of the Spartan Room on April 21, 2023. Enjoy knowing who is on the ballot and happy voting!

About the Candidate:
Q: What is your name and what position are you running for?
A: My name Reginald Jones, also known as RJ. I am running for Secretary of Morale.

Q: Can you describe yourself and your personality?
A: Alright so as you all know as I just said my name is RJ. I really like hanging out with my friends The main reason I am doing this is that I am into sports. I am around the school a lot. Lots of people hang out with me, so vote me!

Q: What do you enjoy about Doherty?
A: The teachers are supportive, and I want to shout out a couple. I want to shout out Ms. Seay, Mr. Drummond and Mr. Gilbert shout out all of you for what you guys do for this school. You make the school a better place for all of us, and you guys gave me the confidence to do this.

Q: Have you been in student council before, if not what is something like it that you have been involved in?
A: I am not in student council, but I am in multiple clubs currently. Right now, I am in Spartans United, I am also an Environmental Club as well as joining theater next year. I am about to get some stuff cracking; we got some stuff stirring up so stay tuned!

Q: What have you experienced that makes you a good candidate for the position?
A: I came here during COVID, and when you come to a school during that time it is hard to find yourself and to find who you want to be. I struggled getting involved and what I wanted to do. [However] having a very high or boasting personality [is the reason] why I am running for Morale. I think this for my identity and is perfect for me.

Q: What do you think the position you running for entails?
A: I must be the voice of the student body. I know I would have to bring the energy as well as seriously planning these assemblies. I am not just planning those however, but also planning stuff for games. Honestly, I am ready to bring on the challenge of everybody possibly pointing and laughing at me, or everybody cheering along with me. I am ready to put this school on my back.