Addison Zaiger

The cross walk button at the stoplight near the student parking lot.

Doherty Community Concerned with Crosswalk Safety

The crosswalk at the intersection of the student parking lot and Barnes Road. Everyday hundreds of students cross leave and enter Doherty. (Addison Zaiger)

Crosswalk safety is a big thing because students at Doherty are crossing busy streets from 7 am to 3:30 P.M. In the mornings, the parking lot and streets are swarmed with cars and students.

Freshman Sophia Szretter said, “I think people should use the crosswalks because it’s safe to use it and if you don’t you could get hurt.”

Even during the day, students are crossing these streets, whether it’s a free period, lunch, going to school, or after school is done. Freshman Neveah Ullrich said, “I think people should use [the crosswalk] because you could get hit by a car.”

Freshman Chase Glaffoglione said, “I think students should use a crosswalk because it’s safer and there’s less risk of getting hit. This is why drivers should be very alert and driving slower and why students should not jay walk and should be paying attention while crossing. This helps students stay safer while crossing the street and sometimes getting to class on time is not as important as being safe.

Freshman Ramon Pulido said, “I feel like they should be using them because it’s a better way to stay safe.” Sophomore Alica Darlington agreed. “Saving a few minutes by crossing when you aren’t supposed to be really not worth it.”



Doherty Community Concerned with Crosswalk Safety Chapter 2

Freshman Logan King said, “They should use the crosswalks because it’s safer. Barnes Road is a very busy street with lots of drivers and lots of students. “I think they should use it unless it’s an emergency and they need to get away from the school.” Sometimes it is not worth being on time if you have to J walk and cross the street when cars are still moving. Senior Xavier Bozly said,...

Doherty Community Concerned with Crosswalk Safety Chapter 3

Senior Mia Banetez, “I think we should reduce the speed or build a bridge or have a crossing guard over there.” Although it is a 4-way stop and crowded street and crossing cars need to be aware. Freshman Neveah Ulrich said, “I think drivers should be more cautious.” In Colorado Springs there have only been school zones for elementary schools, but what about middle and high schoolers who...

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