Doherty Community Concerned with Crosswalk Safety Chapter 2

Freshman Logan King said, “They should use the crosswalks because it’s safer. Barnes Road is a very busy street with lots of drivers and lots of students. “I think they should use it unless it’s an emergency and they need to get away from the school.” Sometimes it is not worth being on time if you have to J walk and cross the street when cars are still moving.

Senior Xavier Bozly said, “I think they should because it’s the safest option because obviously in the road safety is the most important thing there are many different drivers and you don’t really know what their mind has and a lot so I think it’s important to use a crosswalk. There have been many incidents all ready at Doherty with crosswalks. Junior Chris Malony agreed, “I think they should be safe using it because a lot of people have been getting hit and I think there are some stupid people out there jumping in front of cars.”

Junior Jason Five said, “I think they should always use the crosswalk and the people that don’t and just J walk aren’t the smartest.

Student drivers and parents can be out of control, zooming past on this busy street, which isn’t safe for students that go to Doherty. It can put lives in danger and something needs to be changed. Cars are way bigger than humans and it’s not worth going fast and being out of control to risk someone’s life. To help solve the problem, the city installed School Zone flashing lights, changing the speed to 20 during crucial times.

We interviewed students at Doherty and asked them: “What we can change to make the crosswalk safer for students?” Senior Katlyn Wimberly, “I think that there should be a long time for students to cross and that drivers should use their turn signals on lights.” Other students said that creating something for students and people to walk on or across would be a better solution. Sophomore Colten Vinard said, “Building a pedestrian bridge that was being handed out with the fliers would be good and keep the students safe. Sometimes it’s not always the driver’s fault and it’s the amount that is set to drive at.”

Junior Isaiah Riley Turbon said, “Change the speed limit to less.” Sophomore Elizabeth Canaly said, “I think we need a school zone sign and change the speed limit because people don’t care about that kind of stuff and that we’re near a school.”

Give it a long time for people to walk and driver’s using turn signals on lights.” Following that, we do hope students follow the crosswalk rules and that cars also follow the speed limit we hope that we no longer have to deal with jay walking or speeding with all these new speed limits.

— Katelyn Wimberly


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