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Student Targeting Makes Students Feel Invalidated

Layla McLoyd
Doherty’s counseling office. People here are here to help, never be afraid to express how you feel.

According to Pew Research, student targeting is a very predominant issue in many schools across the US. Student targeting is a form of bullying in which a student or community is targeted just for being that group or individual. Examples of this could be targeting people because of their race, sexual orientation, or learning disability. The schools may hope for equality, even though many children are being targeted for things they might not even be able to control. Many staff members in schools across the United States have expressed their concern for struggling students.

At Doherty High School many students have noticed the attitude students receive from others. Counseling Secretary Wanda Fuenntess stated, “Freshmen have it the hardest. They are new ones on the block.” In many cases, freshman are the people targeted due to lack of experience or immaturity. However, that is not an excuse to target them.

Many children don’t see the damage bullying can do to someone’s mental health and self-esteem, and targeting adds to that even more. Another way to look at is, if someone is a part of a group, or community, saying harsh things or just straight out bullying them without any disregard for how they are feeling is insensitive and may lead to major problems for those people.

Does it happen here? Senior Autumn Bodine said, “Yes, I’ve seen bullying happen quite a bit, nothing physically usually, but it’s mostly rude comments being thrown around usually about others physical appearances and shunning people.”

Illustration by Elise Goodson-Wachlin.

Bullying often doesn’t happen in front of staff, and if it does it seems to go unnoticed, it’s rare to see a staff member stand up for a kid getting made fun of or talked badly about, lots of schools say that they’re “bullying-free” even Doherty, because the bullying isn’t always happening In front of them and lots think bullying is only physical, which is why it’s normalized for kids-teens to make fun of others appearances, talk behind backs and even cyber bully.“I’ve seen kids making fun of each other, behind backs, especially on social media.”  said Cameron Cook.

Cyber bullying seems to be happening a lot more recently and is only getting worse because of phones becoming more advanced and being handed to younger kids, and it’s been happening a lot in D11 schools, a quote from Cyber bullying is usually the one form of bullying that isn’t noticed, and the usual reason is because many don’t consider it bullying and that’s why they think it’s okay to do it, because it can happen anonymously and behind parents and guardian’s backs.

Bullying is usually a main cause of suicide, even in young kids in elementary to middle school because of bullying getting ignored. What we can do to try and fix this is if we see a kid getting made fun of, stand up for them and report it to your principal or safe2tell. Help others instead of watching. Even staff should do the same if they see it happening.

You’re not alone, and help is available. Call 988, the suicide hotline or chat with them at


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