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Saturday School, What is it, Why is it needed and What difference does it make?

Saturday School is an added benefit that is not published and announced enough to the school, and you may not have known that it is an option.  FYI, Saturday school is not a punishment, it is a perfect opportunity for students to work one on one with teachers. It’s a time that you can ask questions and admit you don’t get the work, without being embarrassed. 

Some students may have a hard time paying attention in class, or they stress out about not understanding and they blank everything out. Teachers may not know you need help if you do not speak up and advocate for yourself.  Saturday School could really help improve academic work, as well as let students to get caught up in school while letting the student feel comfortable admitting they need help from others.

Mrs. Dee Medberry is in charge of Saturday School, overlooking it and making sure it runs well. This is an excellent program for new students and kids who need a little extra help. It just needs more attention from students, and for students to feel encouraged to go to it. 

Mrs. Medberry in charge of Saturday school

 Dee Medberry said, “We have teachers come in from each subject to help students, I have seen kids in math and English classes bring their grades up tremendously in one sitting of Saturday school.” She also explained that students can focus on one thing at a time instead of it all at once.  I appreciate that teacher’s take time out of their busy lives to spend their day off to help students.

Catalina Moore has also stated that she prefers Saturday School over sitting at home, and not being able to motivate herself to do the work. She says, “It’s helpful for students and it only takes a little bit out of your day.” Saturday school can make a difference for you if you will step up and take the opportunity to benefit from such a great program. 

Mrs. Heine in the math department helps in Saturday school
Saturday school is held in the media center









This is Mrs. Heine, and she is in the math department for Doherty and has been helping in Saturday School for the last eight years. She is very passionate about Saturday School and encourages all students to go to it. She says, “It builds confidence within students and improves their work ethic for all subjects.”





Saturday School is held in the media center at 8:30-11 AM. While it is hard for students to wake up on a Saturday morning to come to school, it is much appreciated from teachers that kids are willing to get help with work and try to catch up or improve their grade. One teacher from each subject usually is there to help students with whatever it is that they may need help with. This is an excellent program for students and we appreciate our teachers for taking time to come and help students. Saturday School should be promoted more throughout the school,and looked as an advantage to get ahead instead of something that’s embarrassing or a punishment. Saturday School has been going strong for quite awhile and Mrs. Heine says, “I have seen kids come as freshmen and continue to come in up to graduation.” 

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