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Scholarship Opportunity Expands To All Doherty Students

A new chance for success
Ryland Deegan
Senior Commons where seniors and others can get work done on free periods too really help Seniors towards their goals including the Promise Scholarship.

Doherty Students, especially seniors, may be curious about what they’re going to do after high school. Starting a new path in life can be scary and full of uncertainty. In the past year, only Mitchell High School students were eligible, but now the D11 Promise Scholarship program that has helped them so much has increased to include all D11 High Schools, including Doherty High School.

When I talked to students many were unsure about whether or not they wanted to pursue this opportunity or even go to college in general. That is completely understandable; however, this can help you open many doors towards the future if you choose to. With this scholarship, you can get the major of your choosing and get started working towards your career. Counselor Lana Schymos said, “What I really like about the d11 scholarship is that it’s the last dollar scholarship and it will include conditions and fees for up to three years and last dollar scholarship means that if a student has another scholarship that pays for tuition and fees the last dollar scholarship fills in the things that other scholarships don’t fill. So more kids have the opportunity to have a D11 scholarship than other scholarships.”

The Doherty Media Center is a great place to work towards improving your grades and can help you become eligible for the Promise Scholarship (Ryland Deegan)

To be able to get this scholarship, there are just a few simple requirements you have to meet. Students must graduate from a D11 High School with a minimum of a 2.5 GPA, must also achieve a 90% or higher attendance rate, qualify for in-state tuition, and complete a FAFSA and/or Colorado application for state financial aid. Finally, students must enroll at PPSC within eighteen months of graduating and maintain at least a 2.0 GPA once enrolled. 

Although some of those requirements may seem challenging, with a little hard work students can accomplish them. Students with trouble maintaining a 2.5 GPA could come to Saturday School for extra help. If attendance is the issue, they can try to avoid being sick and come to school as much as they can. The easiest way to complete the FAFSA or Colorado application for state financial aid is logging in online then filling out the form and submitting it. After that, you’re pretty much set for the scholarship and a great opportunity.

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Senior Brianna Chavez said, “Yes, I think it’s good, especially to work and save money.” If you plan on working during college, this is a great way to do it because you don’t have to worry about tuition or any other fees and instead can save up for the last two years of college.

This is also a perfect opportunity to get on track for whatever career you want. With this pursuing the major of your choice is possible. You can work towards your goals in life.

The scholarship also offers a huge incentive to graduate. Last year at Mitchell High School the graduation rate was only at 63% and well under the national average. This year the graduation rate was at 94% which is over a 30% increase. If seniors need something extra to push them towards graduation this is a great way to do so as it shows what you could do after you’re done with High School.

Junior Annika Norman said, “More scholarship opportunities means fewer student loans.” In fact, with this scholarship, you don’t have to pay student loans at all for the entire first half of your college career. 

Promise students will also get coaching and mentoring to support them and ensure they have the resources they need to be successful during their time in college. Students also have workshops and skill-building opportunities for those who want to pursue a specific career after they are done with school. 

Currently, the scholarship has enough money to fund around five graduating classes, meaning as of now this is a very special opportunity for the graduating class of this year specifically. However, D-11 and PPSC are seeking more funding which, if successful, could open up the possibility of this scholarship program being an option for years to come.

So freshmen, sophomores, and juniors should not lose hope. They too could benefit from this just as much as the graduating class of 2024. 

Whatever path you choose after you leave Doherty, this scholarship opens up new doors to the future for everyone, from doctors to lawyers to artists and writers. This program can assist you to do anything you want to do in life and to accomplish whatever you want to accomplish.

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