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The Fashion Scene; Fashion Analyst


In the world of academia, fashion analysis provides an intriguing lens through which we can decode the complex interplay of style, culture, and identity. This article embarks on a journey to the world of fashion, aiming to unravel the deeper narratives and influences that lie beneath the surface of what we wear. From the historical evolution of fashion to the symbolism of attire in various societies, we will navigate the corridors of attire to uncover the stories that clothing tells and how fashion has been a canvas for individual and collective expression. By delving into this analysis, we will gain a more profound comprehension of the significance of fashion in shaping our perceptions, our sense of self, and our place in a diverse and ever-changing world.

Furthermore, our exploration extends beyond the surface of textiles and runway trends to the socio-economic implications of the fashion industry. The global fashion landscape is marked by both dazzling creativity and pressing ethical and environmental concerns. In this article, we will uncover the ICKS, different styles, and how people rate different outfits and staple clothing pieces.  By engaging with these intricate facets of fashion, we endeavor to ignite a meaningful dialogue within our academic community, acknowledging that what we choose to wear is not just a matter of personal style but a reflection of our time and our values. 




Fashion in high school often witnesses various missteps, many of which are subjective and tied to personal opinions. Among these, one significant error lies in the proliferation of ill-fitting clothing, whether oversized or too tight, which can detract from an individual’s appearance. The clash of different patterns or mismatched colors is another common fashion misstep, potentially creating a chaotic or uncoordinated look, subject to personal interpretation. Over-accessorizing, while an attempt to elevate an outfit, can sometimes be viewed as excessive, diverting attention from the wearer’s intended style.


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Following trends without considering personal taste often leads to a lack of authenticity and limits the exploration of one’s unique fashion identity, which might be subjectively perceived as a mistake. Disregarding the comfort of footwear in favor of solely trendy options might be seen as prioritizing style over practicality, depending on personal viewpoints. Ignoring garment care and showing up with wrinkled or unkempt clothing may differ in opinion, some seeing it as a sign of carelessness while others view it as a casual and relaxed approach. Lastly, not dressing appropriately for an occasion could be considered a breach of social norms or, conversely, a form of personal rebellion against conformity, differing based on individual perspectives. In this section, we are diving into some of the ICKS!! of the students here at doherty. 




What the Style

High school serves as a melting pot of diverse fashion styles, each reflecting the individuality and personalities of students. The preppy style, characterized by clean lines, collared shirts, and pleated skirts or khakis, exudes a classic and sophisticated look often associated with academic success and tradition. On the opposite end, the edgy style embodies rebellion with leather jackets, ripped jeans, band tees, and combat boots, expressing a bold and non-conformist attitude.

Streetwear, influenced by urban culture, embraces hoodies, sneakers, and logo-driven apparel, creating a laid-back yet stylish vibe. The bohemian style channels a free-spirited aesthetic with flowy fabrics, floral prints, and earthy tones, symbolizing a carefree and artistic mindset.


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Athleisure, blending comfort with fashion, introduces leggings, hoodies, and sneakers as everyday wear, reflecting an active and health-conscious lifestyle

Embracing vintage fashion, students don retro looks from different eras, incorporating elements like high-waisted jeans, polka dots, and bold accessories, celebrating nostalgia and uniqueness. The minimalist style opts for simplicity, featuring neutral colors, clean silhouettes, and essential pieces, embodying a refined and understated elegance. Finally, the eclectic style mixes various elements, combining patterns, colors, and accessories in unexpected ways, showcasing an individual’s creativity and willingness to experiment with fashion. In high school, this diverse range of styles paints a vibrant canvas, allowing students to express themselves and stand out in their unique fashion choices. We asked students here at Doherty what their style represents about themselves and a style that they would want to try out. 


Closet Staples

Staple clothing pieces are timeless, versatile items that form the foundation of a functional wardrobe. Among these essentials is the classic white T-shirt, a versatile and adaptable garment that effortlessly pairs with various styles and occasions.

Blue jeans, in their diverse cuts and washes, are another cornerstone, offering both comfort and style in any setting. The little black dress, a must-have for women, stands as a symbol of elegance and sophistication, suitable for formal events or casual outings when accessorized differently. A well-tailored blazer, whether in traditional black, navy, or a statement color, adds a touch of sophistication and professionalism to any outfit.

The white button-up shirt remains a timeless piece suitable for work or casual wear, adaptable to various styles and settings. Versatile footwear such as a pair of classic white sneakers or black leather shoes provides both comfort and style. A trench coat or a reliable jacket serves as a functional yet fashionable layering option for various reasons. A quality sweater, whether a classic crewneck or a cozy turtleneck, adds warmth and style to any ensemble.

A pencil skirt or tailored trousers offer a chic and professional look, versatile for both office and casual wear. Finally, a well-fitted, versatile dress shirt for men or a well-structured blouse for women is a fundamental piece for achieving a polished and put-together appearance. These staple clothing items serve as the building blocks of a wardrobe, providing endless combinations and serving as the foundation for personal style and self-expression. Gathering information on what people here at Doherty think is a staple piece, we gathered a list of must-haves for your closet. 



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