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Fall Drinks

These drinks aren’t pumpkin spice lattes. There is nothing worse than heading into fall and only hearing about pumpkin spiced lattes, so here are ten popular fall drinks.

Fall is a season in which many can bond over warm drinks, the food, and the laughs we share with people we love and care about. Fall is the season to be with loved ones, share memories, and enjoy drinks with your friends! Fall is a season associated with harvest and change. Embrace yourself in this lovely weather!

Here are the top 10 fall drinks (2023)

  1. Hot apple cider. There’s nothing better than sipping on apple cider while studying or heading out on a cold day with a warm drink in your hand.
  2. Chai tea. That spiced, milky drink served either hot or cold both ways is delicious.
  3. Hot and spicy Himalayan tea. This tea has a spicy kick to it. It is spicy and a warm/hot drink to have on a cold day.
  4. Homestyle hot cocoa is a drink everyone is aware of. It is good year-round. We all love it in fall and winter. It warms your whole body and makes you smile.
  5. Black tea is a classic drink to have cold or warm. It is good all year around to have some! It’s good.
  6. London fog. Only a few people know. This drink can be ordered at Starbucks. It’s amazing! You’ll love it, I promise. 
  7. Eggnog, oh yeah! This holiday drink is also good around fall and Christmas—a lot of people like this drink, cold or warm.
  8. Cinnamon coffee is a classic around the fall, and sometimes, at Christmas, add some cinnamon to your coffee the next time you have a cup; it’s worth it.
  9. The iced vanilla latte this drink is also a classic and not frowned upon since it is a year-round drink. A great drink to try out
  10. Apple crisp macchiato is another classic one made for the fall with ice or no ice; it is up to you to try it out.

Some people around the school gave me some of their favorite fall drinks

Riley Click said, “My favorite fall drink is eggnog and apple crisp macchiato.’

Class 2026

Vincent Garcia said, “Ooh! Good question. I’d have to say cold or warm apple cider.”

Class of 2027 

Mrs. Armstrong said, “The apple crisp macchiato is good.”

Substitute teacher 

Rheese Mestas said, “Hold on, I have to weigh my options here. I’m going to go with eggnog.”

Class of 2024  

Elise Goodson said, “I’d have to pick the Vanilla latte.”

Class of 2024

What is your favorite falltime drink? Let us know in the comments! Stay safe and warm, and have a nice fall.


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