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The Process of Driving as a Kid

The Doherty High School student parking lot full of cars

Starting to drive is intimidating at first, but as you get into it, it becomes muscle memory.  A lot of kids get their permits when they are 15-17 years of age, yet some wait until they are 18 as nerves get in the way of starting to drive. In Colorado, getting your license or your permit would be considered easy compared to other states. When you are 18, you do not need to wait a year to get your license, all you have to do is take a test and get a 80% or better on it.

This year at Doherty a lot of students have started driving and learning how to drive. To start the process of getting your driving permit, you need to take a 30 hour education course to learn the road and understand laws, then after you complete the 30 hour education course you will be permitted to take a written test in order to get your actual permit. After a year of having your permit you will be instructed to take the driving test to get your license. A lot of places you will go to will only have you drive 20 minutes to insure you know the needed things to know about driving.

More than 100,000 car crashes happen yearly in Colorado, and this is why it’s important to know the state laws and the policies to follow while driving. As it seems fun to drive with your friends doing so could lead to a major accident. The most common ways someone gets in a car crash is distracted driving, texting and driving, under the influence driving, and speeding. When you drive unsafe, it puts everyone whos on the road with you at risk for being involved in a car accident.

I went around interviewing others, asking them what their experiences were driving and what process they are going through.  most of the time the answers will all be the same and simple, Our state provides an excellent education system for the kids to learn and feel confident in their skills while also teaching them safety.

Aniyah Kimbrell stated, “Driving has been fun but scary, I started driving in july when I was 15 and I have my drivers license.”
Taya Robinson says, “Driving is not as bad as I thought it would be, I held my permit for a year and I am waiting to take the driving test.”
Ryelynn Conklin says, “I started my permit process when I was 16, because I did not want to go through the classes, I still have to wait a year to get my license.”

Here at Doherty High School we put posters up about safe driving, we encourage others to be safe at all times. If you have a license, Doherty requires each student to buy a parking permit to park in the student section. Doherty High-School takes precautions with their students driving and being around other drives, after the past accidents with students involved its a tough subject to speak on for some. Following the speed limit, checking your blind spots, and following rules may seem not so important to some but they are very crucial for others. It is our job to provide safety and protection to others that are on the road and our passengers, We Before Me.

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