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The Background of Valentine’s Day

This holiday has been around for quite some time now many people around the world celebrate and give different things on Valentine’s Day to show love. As we all know there is a reason behind this holiday and why it was created, during this day we know that people give their loved one’s gifts such as flowers, chocolates, teddy bears and many more this is a way to show they are appreciated for who they may have and that they love them.  

The main reason that this was created was because according to the Quora website What’s the reason to celebrate Valentine’s Day? – Quora  Quora › Whats-the-reason-to-celebrate-… as a Christian feast day honoring a martyr named Valentine it has become a significant cultural, religious and commercial celebration of romance and love in many regions of the world. So as of today, millions of people celebrate this day and think it has a lot to do with just “love” but what they don’t know is that there is a true meaning to this day and why it is so special in another way.  

So many people gift differently and find their way of gifting important to them, I have found that there are so many ways that people gift and I am going to list a few and give details on why they gift the way they do. According to this website 18 Valentine’s Day Traditions Around The World In … › Blog › topical Bulgaria couples celebrate their love with a glass of local wine while in Wales they exchange special handcrafted wooden spoons.  

In the UK they go on dream dates where there is a box of chocolates, dinner for two and flowers especially roses and some have personalized gifts like a framed photo or a playlist of a song or even plan a special activity together, here it is also a day to either propose or get married to your spouse. As we see, it is celebrated in so many unique ways, which makes you think of what people around me do. Or maybe even like thinking of what people now days gift to their people on this special day since everyone has their way of gifting.  

 I have interviewed a handful of kids here today at Doherty High School asking what their special tradition is on Valentine’s Day, and what gift they give to their loved ones with. Amayah Potter who is a freshman class of 2027 said, “I don’t really do any traditions but normally I just makes brownies with my loved one and I make them a cute little gift basket.” 

Many people don’t like spending money or feel like not everything is about money but, Jamison Brown class of 2027 as well said, “If I had a loved one I normally would get them chocolates or a bouquet of roses.” Alana Hunt class of 2024 said, “No I don’t really do special things for Valentine’s but if I got a partner to celebrate it with then I’ll celebrate it with them and give gifts.” As I was interviewing I realized so many gift the same exact way as each other but I also realized that there are traditional ways that some celebrate too and so as I interviewed Stevie Rae class of 2026 and she said, “Every Valentine’s I either wear red or pink and I usually gift my loved one chocolate.” Masiah Hampton class of 2024 said, “I don’t gift any loved ones because my family doesn’t encourage it, but my mom gives us stuff for that day.”

I have noticed that many students of Doherty High School gift their loved ones flowers or chocolates and Kiranjot Kaur class of 2026 said, “Umm I don’t really celebrate but if I did, I would get some flowers or something nice.” Gabby Hinton who is a Junior of Doherty class of 2025 said, “I would just gift them chocolate or flowers and maybe even a gift card.” Continuing going through with the interviews and feedback, Amaya Andino class of 2026 said, “On Valentine’s we don’t do any special traditions for my loved ones I gift them a little cute basket with like candies and stuff in it.” Many Spartans that I interviewed has stated that they either like gifting their bf’s and gf’s but so many more even had special ways that they gift and it had a lot to do with gifting friends and being able to show their love and appreciation to their friends through gifts so Chanelle Fox class of 2026 said, “I just give gifts to my friends, and I get them their favorite snacks and stuff like that.” Isaiah Boston class of 2025 said, “I always bake something for Valentine’s Day and then I’ll bring some for people I love.”





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