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Changes in the Doherty Schedule

Roman Connor
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Without a doubt we have changed the schedule a lot while I’m at Doherty. Our current schedule is set up with 8 classes taking 4 a day with classes alternating every day. This is Tuesday-Friday with the duration of a 1hr ½  on monday the schedule is all 8 classes with a duration of 30 minutes.

The school has mixed emotions about this schedule, for example “ I don’t like it because it makes my free periods feel like a break rather than a free period,” said Kyland Rylan. But on the other hand, “I like it a lot more than the first semester’s schedule because it’s less complicated and you get some work for the week on monday,” said Bradley Mattie

We can see how this can cause a lot of controversy and make it difficult to make a schedule that fits all of the students needs and wants.

I agree with Bradley’s point because the last schedule we had was way more confusing than the one we have now. Bradley is referring to the 2021 -2022 schedule which went. Mondays and Wednesdays were 1 – 3 while Mondays having a late start and wednesday was ccr while Tuesdays and Thursdays being 4-7 then having all seven periods on Friday.

 So comparing this year’s schedule and 2022’s schedule this one is more practical. However, one big flaw I have is that if you are out of school on one of the block period days that is a 1 and ½ hr worth of work you miss per class. Also with no instruction from the teacher so you are relying that the work is in schoology with  good description and direction for the work and all the resources are applied. So this makes your attendance to each class more important.

Rather compared to 30 minute classes because on Mondays in 30 minutes the teacher is able to explain the assignment and give the students a basic outline for the week. However, Mondays are still importaI believe because you get to see the work for those classes and an outline throughout the week to get you prepared so it is a nice preparation day to have for the week.

However, what I suggest that would make the schedule more practical and better I would think instead of having the 8 period day on Monday I suggest Friday. I think this could potentially work out better because it would give each teacher the opportunity to wrap up the week with each class making sure every student understood the assignments. Prepping them for the weekend to complete any unfinished work throughout the week. I also believe this could also help balance out the classes better.

Instead of having our week ending with block period 5-8 which I think interferes with block periods 1-4 because if you didn’t get all your questions answered in your 1-4 periods you aren’t gonna have another block period for 3 days.

Yes you could use Monday to get your questions answered, but the assignment might be due at that point, However if instead we had 1-8 on fridays we could have the week end off smoothly and all questions answered ready to complete any assignments you need to. 

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Roman Connor
Roman Connor, Staff writer
Hey my name is Roman. I am a very nice person. I am a Colorado native.

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    Nikki BrittonApr 20, 2024 at 12:38 pm

    Based on this article I can definitely see where the issues of scheduling can be very problematic. Roman brought up a lot of good points that he obviously put a lot of thought into. I really like that he also came up with a possibly better solution to the schedule that is being implemented now. Perhaps this could be presented to the principal for consideration? Well written article!