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How to Prep for PSAT and SATs

The schedule for the upcoming tests and how to prepare.
Ryland Deegan
Student Sammi Long studying for upcoming tests. Studying is important for the PSAT and SATs

SATs are one of the most important parts of high school. Getting good scores on SATs can help you get into better colleges and thrive in life. SAT can judge your skill level in subjects such as Math and Reading. These scores may be looked at to get into many colleges of your choice.

The SAT and PSAT for 9th and 10th graders will take place April 16th through the 18th. On April 16th there will be the 11th grade SAT testing. All other grades will not have school those days. On April 17th there will be 11th grade CMAS testing and PSAT testing for 10th grade. 9th and 12th grade will not have school today. On April 18th there will be PSATs for 9th grade and all other grades will not have school.

So, what score should you be aiming for? Well, the average score for math is 520 to 530 and if you score within this range, you are scoring at the 50th percentile. For reading and writing the average is 480.

According to College Board SAT scores range from 400-1600 and generally, and 1028 is considered to be around the average. 1000 or lower is generally considered to be a bad SAT score. 1200 or above is usually considered a good SAT score.

PSATs range a little differently. According to College Board the average score for the PSAT is about 920. Below 900 would be considered a below-average score. A good score would be 950-1200. Anything above that would be an extremely good score.

The PSATs score between 160 and 760 for both reading, writing and math. Overall they have a score of between 320 to 1520. The SATs have math, writing and reading with each score between 200 to 800. So for the SATs, you can get a score of between 400 and 1600.

Many resources can help you study for both your PSAT and SATs. Freshman Brodie Mason says that the best way to study for the PSAT and SATs is to “make sure to practice and do practice problems.” It’s a good idea to watch instructional videos and set time aside to focus on the areas you need to work on. There are some study methods that you can try if you need help focusing.

You can try studying for a set amount of time. Then you can take a small brain break before continuing on with your studies. Junior Everest Gay says, “Reviewing your notes is the best thing to do. I find writing stuff down helps me remember.” When studying it’s good to focus on just one subject at a time so you can give it your undivided attention. That way you gain a lot of knowledge in the subject you’re focusing on.

If you’re not a freshman, you may be used to the simple on-paper SAT and PSAT; however, this year things are being switched up a bit. The test will now be online instead, which may offer both pros and cons. You must be signed into Bluebook and you can take a small practice test for some studying if you want. Sophomore Julia Mcnanara says the best way to prepare is “being organized and setting goals on what you should study.”

Although the Psat and Sat may seem scary, they really are not as hard as you may think they’re going to be. So don’t worry too much and focus on doing your best.

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