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The Controversial Trends of Prom

Benjamin Prichard
The prom dance floor being filled with people. (May 4, 2024)

Prom is a staple of the year. The one time of the year where you can dress up and be extreme with your dresses. Interesting prom styles and trends are taking over the internet, like the controversial subject of a glamorous sparkly prom dress versus a “Sunday brunch” dress. Tiktok has taken over prom season with the controversial topic of the sunday brunch dresses. Influencers are putting on Tiktok: “Who would wear a sparkly prom dress? Not me. My Sunday brunch dress is better.” So, Tiktok has had a lot of influence on the trends that are related to prom.

All of the social media posts that pop up on the internet are about the dresses that are going to be worn and the majority look like they are going to wear “Sunday brunch” dresses. However, asking the girls around Doherty High School their opinions were surprisingly different. The responses were all showing that the girls prefer regular prom dresses. Ade Smith said, “I think that regular prom dresses are better, because you hardly can ever be extra with your dresses, and this is one of the few times you can dress extra.”

Ade Smith was not the only one who had that opinion on the regular prom dresses. Kendi Mello also had a similar take on the prom dress topic. She said, “I can’t believe people are taking this little chance to dress up fun to dress in a brunch dress.” The topic on the dresses has become very controversial on social media, causing girls to second guess what to get for their dresses. 

Though the topic has shown that “Sunday brunch” dresses are more popular than the normal sparkly and extravagant dresses, the dresses at Doherty High Schools prom say otherwise. The main patterns with the dresses were classic silk or satin dresses and sparkles. The other observation that is a trend this year is strapless dresses. The strapless dresses have become very popular for the year 2023-2024. The look of the strapless dresses are very popular, but when it comes to dancing the strapless dresses don’t hold up, with girls constantly having to pull up the top of the dress and almost flashing people. So, the look is very appealing, but the comfort of the dress and convenience is not appealing. 

So, the media does play a huge role in the styles for big events, and high schoolers are very influenced. Where does prom style come from? What determines the trends? That’s easy, social media plays a huge role in influencing the teenagers of today. Seeing how strapless and brunch dresses have taken over the internet, it shows how many people followed the trends. However, it also shows the people who didn’t like the trend either.

Jonah Montoya and Teagan Cox posing for a picture at prom. (Benjamin Prichard)
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