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Our new Principal! 2024-2025

New Principal select Hillary Hienton talking to Samuel Courtright, who was streaming Activities Award Winner Ryan Magcagnon from a competition in Peru.

Students for years have begged administrators for Mrs. Hienton to become Doherty’s principal. She is a great leader, individual, and overall makes kids feel safe and included in Sparta. Mrs. Hienton as of April 2024 became our new principal starting in fall 2024. Lots of students are optimistic for the way she is going to direct our school and her plans to make this school an even better environment.

Mrs. Hienton is excited to see some changes underway. She said, “So, student achievement is super important in a high school and making sure that you all have plans when you graduate. So, there are three kinds of areas I will be focusing on next year. The first one is safety and security, making sure everybody feels safe and cared for in our school. Two is about academics that I call future orientations, so what are you going to do after you graduate. Making sure you all are getting the best instruction in your classrooms, and making sure you get the support you need for a plan when you are done here at Doherty High School.”

Is she excited for the new year of her being principal? “I’m so excited. I think certain days I’m super excited and pumped, and other days I’m like, oh gosh, this is a lot of work, but exciting!”  

Lots of Spartans love Mrs. Hienton. She is a significant role model for us, and genuinely loves her job. We went out and interviewed students about their opinion of Mrs. Hienton becoming our new principal. Lani Hodge, a junior spartan here at Doherty said. “I think she would make an amazing principal because she has those leadership skills, she also is always exceedingly kind to everyone. She always tries to engage with all her students.”

Madison Medlin-Wittenborn another junior spartan here said, “She’s very nice to me and others, and I feel she treats all the kids equally and doesn’t discriminate against others. I see her doing well with being princiale because she loves this school and I see lots of potential in this school now for the future.”  

My final interview was Savannah Allgood. She is also a junior here at Doherty and she said, “Mrs. Hienton helped me through a lot when I was struggling and did not feel anybody was listening to me, and she helped me get through it, she is sweet, and I know she helps kids daily. And she is my favorite [administrator]. I hope she does all her goals she wanted to do when she becomes principal.”  

Her history here is great, and I am looking forward to seeing what she does, and she just makes people here feel included and she makes high school life easier. She deserved to get her own school and lots of students and teachers here are happy she got our school. 

Congratulations to Mrs. Hienton!


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