Southard Retiring at the End of the Year


Jenny George

Ms. Kim Southard is retiring after 30 years in education.

Camryn Vasquez and Ms. Jenny George

After thirty years in education, Ms.Kim Southard will retire at the end of the year with seven years as a teacher and 23 years as an assistant principal under her belt. She says she never wanted to be a principal. Instead, she preferred to stay in the trenches where she could really make a difference in the lives of children and have a more direct impact.

As junior Teris Tatum said, “She is really good at communicating with students and her colleagues, and she has an ability to empathize with students in need, but she also is great at maintaining structure.” He explained that some may know her by her reputation because this structure gave her the reputation that students could not mess around, but none would doubt that she really cares for kids.

One of her last contributions to Doherty was her role in spearheading the Spartan Center, a guided study hall where freshmen are pulled for extra help in classes by tutors in the Writing and Math Centers. Senior Camryn Vasquez became a tutor knowing that she would get to work with Ms. Southard again. Her knowledge of Ms. Southard originally came when Camrym was in the Discipline Office, a place Ms. Southard helped in often, even after transitioning to the Spartan Center from being a full-time administrator. She said, “One day I went down to discipline in need of guidance and Ms. Southard handled the situation for me and told me to go back to class and continue to work hard because if I do I’ll change the world.” Camryn became a tutor for the Writing Center for several periods in part to continue to work with Ms. Southard.

Junior Amari Rodriguez says we will miss her because she sets such high standards for freshmen and doesn’t give up on kids.

Freshman Tyrah Braxton will remember her because “she helped me get out of trouble and she did a lot of favors for me!”

Ms. Rosanna Czarnecki is one of the teachers taking over Southard’s role in the Spartan Center. As she said, “Kim’s quiet leadership pulls many people together to get done what needs to get done to help Doherty kids. She will be missed!”