Welcome Class of 2024; We’re Here for You


Jenny George

Alissa Beehler and Chad Chargualaf are Link Crew leaders and yearbook editors. They will be part of a group welcoming our new students to in-person learning.

Marynn Krull, Editor-in-Chief

Welcome Class of 2024!

I can only imagine the uncertainty and anxiety you might be feeling starting high school during all of the changes and challenges of COVID-19. And to some degree or another, we’re all feeling that stress. I know personally, I’m a little disappointed my junior year isn’t going to be like what I imagined. But while things might feel grim, you won’t have to face it all alone; you’ll have as much support as needed from your Link Crew leaders, teachers, and counselors.

If you’re unsure about starting high school in general, Link Crew’s got your back. Every freshman was assigned to two Link Leaders, who’ll be available whenever you need them to ask questions and help with the transition into high school. Lead by Mrs. Reinmuth, Mrs. Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Turner, Mr. Nelson, Ms. Provenzano, Ms. Thompson, and Mr. Gilbert, the Link Leaders began training this summer to help you adjust as smoothly as possible. Link Crew compiled a list of what all freshmen should know and organized an online Freshman Orientation on Thursday, August 20th. If you missed orientation, I’ve included a copy of the list below. If you’re not sure who your link leader is, you can contact Kristina Reinmuth, who’ll be able to redirect you to a link student.

Link Crew’s 2020-2021 “What Every Freshman Should Know”

Academics  Friends  Parents  Teachers 
Try your best    Stay true to yourself  Open communication is a necessity in order to keep a healthy relationship with them throughout your high school career  Understand that they are only there to help you succeed 


Ask for help!  Honesty is key, and realize that most of the relationships you have in high school will be temporary  Respect goes a long way  Respect them, and don’t be afraid to ask for help, that is what they are there for 


Work with your counselors   Surround yourself with people that will bring you up/ make you a better person    Open communication 


Don’t let your work/grades slide  Join clubs and activities to meet new people 


  Don’t be afraid to talk to your counselor if an issue is not resolved 


Join clubs to stay motivated       
Work at study tables/study groups       


One of the many things I love being a Doherty Spartan are all the events, sports, and activities going on throughout the year. Even though some of those things are going to look different this year, you won’t be missing out on everything high school has to offer. CHSAA, the Colorado High School Activities Association, has been working diligently to ensure students can safely return to play sports this year under a modified schedule. Cross Country, Boys Golf, Boys Tennis, and Softball will resume this fall. Wrestling, Basketball, Hockey, and Girls Swim, will begin their seasons this winter. Football, Boys Soccer, and Girls Volleyball will begin next spring. And Baseball, Girls Golf, Girls Soccer, Boys Swim, Girls Tennis, and Boys Volleyball will begin later next spring. And as far as traditions go, Student Council and Link Crew will still be meeting to organize activities for the student body. If you’re not sure how to get involved in certain groups, your Link Leaders should be able to find that information for you. And it never hurts to ask around, some teachers may know who the sponsor is for the club you’re looking for.

Although your freshman year might not begin exactly as you imagined it, it has equal potential to be an exciting first step in your high school journey. Just as it is under normal circumstances, your experience in high school is what you make of it. Whether you try new things and find what you’re passionate about, pass your classes (and maybe enjoy one or two), and meet new friends, all depends on how you put yourself out there. Life is filled with unexpected curveballs and challenges, but Doherty is no stranger to overcoming adversity. Through losing our gym to a water-main break, broken windows because of microburst winds, and everything in-between, Sparta staff and students come together to make the best of a difficult situation. And this year you’ll come to do the same. Starting high school online during a pandemic will just be one of many challenges in your life, that’ll end up building your resilience. I think I speak for everyone here when I say that we’re rooting for you, and we know you can thrive at Doherty.

Wishing you the best of luck this coming school year,

Marynn Krull