2020 Mock Election Results


Courtesy of Creative Commons

An American flag flaps in the wind.

Marynn Krull, Editor-in-Chief

On November 2nd, just a day before the national election, Doherty High School’s Mock Election results were totaled. Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate, won with 49.73% of the student body vote. Donald Trump, the Republican candidate, followed with 32.55% of votes. Jo Jorgensen and Howie Hawkins, the the two independent parties represented in the mock election, each won 2.89% of votes. 10% of voters abstained from voting, and 2% voted for unregistered write-ins.

This year, Doherty students elected a completely democratic party ticket. Students elected John Hickenlooper for state senate with 39.6% by a narrow margin of 2.2% over Corey Gardner. For House District 5, Jillian Freeland won with 33.63% of votes. House Districts 10 and 15 elected democrats Randi McCallian and John Pyne IV respectively with roughly 30% of votes.

4 Colorado ballot measures were selected for Doherty’s mock election; Proposition 113, Proposition 116, Amendment 76, and Proposition EE.

On whether or not Colorado should support the Act of General Assembly to abolish the electoral college, students voted 48.1% “Yes” in favor of Proposition 113.

On whether or not to lower the state income tax rate from 4.63% to 4.55%, students voted 54.43% “Yes” in favor of Proposition 116.

On whether or not to amend the Colorado constitution to specify that “only a citizen” can vote in Colorado elections, students voted 36.89% “Yes” in favor of Amendment 76.

On whether or not to increase taxes on tobacco, vaping, and cigarette products, students voted 69.8% in favor of Proposition EE.

Doherty’s results are in accordance with the Youth Leadership Initiative’s national mock election, where students elected Joe Biden by 49.73%. Since 2004, Doherty’s mock election has correctly predicted the successful presidential candidate. Whether or not Doherty will have its 5th consecutive success is yet to be determined.