“It Has Been Too Long Since We’ve Had Students On This Stage”: Doherty High School Theater Classes Perform After Two-Year COVID Delay


Marynn Krull

Chelle Daigneault, Brianna Rhoads, Joe Dittburner, and David Johnson act out a scene in “Check Please: Take 2.”

On Friday and Saturday of last week, Doherty Theater took the stage for the first time in 2 years at the 2021 Theater Class One-Act Showcase. Despite wearing masks and technical difficulties with lights, students in the theater classes delivered performances of two one-acts, or short plays. The Acting Techniques class performed “Check Please: Take Two,” a comedy about bad dating experiences by Jonathan Rand. The Advanced Acting class performed “Variations on a Theme,” a drama exploring regrets in love by Ed Monk.

The Doherty Advanced Acting class takes a bow after performing. (Marynn Krull)

During an intermission, Doherty High School Theater Teacher, Ryan Reed, reflected on the long wait, calling the experience incredible. Reed encouraged the audience to laugh loudly and truly enjoy the students’ performances.

Actors Laura Fajardo, Jordan Dixon, and James Parker-Martinez act out a scene in “Variations on a Theme.” (Marynn Krull)

Since March 2020, COVID-19 restrictions have prevented theater productions from taking place in-person, forcing the classes to adapt to online performances, such as producing short films. Many current seniors have not gotten the opportunity to perform since then.

During an intermission, Doherty High School Theater Teacher, Ryan Reed, reflected on the wait, calling the experience incredible and encouraging the audience to laugh loudly and enjoy the students’ hard work.

The Acting Techniques class takes a bow after their performance. (Marynn Krull)

“It has been too long since we’ve had students on this stage performing live theater, but we are so grateful that it is happening this weekend!” Reed said.

Senior students in the Advanced Acting class, Cole Russell, Ezra Stepanek, and Laura Fajardo will lead the student-directed one-acts from January 13-15 at 7 PM.

“[These students] have really worked hard to put these shows together, and I am so proud to be their teacher!” Reed wrote in the program.