Orchestra, Choir and Band Concerts Getting Ready for Christmas

The Performing Arts Classes Get into the Holiday Spirit for Winter Concerts

Doherty, as it has every year, is celebrating Christmas with its performing arts classes.

The Orchestra concert will be held on December 2nd in the auditorium starting at 7:00 pm. The Choir concert is on December 7th in the auditorium at 7:00 pm. The Band performance is on the 9th and 10th of December in the auditorium at 7:00 pm.

The Orchestra Concert
Mrs. Baugh, the new Orchestra teacher after Mr. Bowen retired at the end of the 2020-2021 school year, says she has been so excited to get to know each student.

To fund her Symphony and Chamber Orchestras, she is holding a Silent Auction after the concert. Donations are welcomed.

With it being such a festive season, Baugh will allow ugly sweaters and pajamas for the concert performers, as long as it’s school appropriate. “For this concert, you guys can wear ugly christmas sweaters, pajamas, holiday hats, blinking lights. Let’s try to have as much fun as possible, but make sure that you can still play,” Mrs. Baugh told her students.

To start off with,The Symphony Orchestra is going to play “Dance of the Tumblers”. The Chamber Orchestra, together they will play “Yuletide Rag” and “The Christmas Portrait”. The Chamber Orchestra will then play “A Charlie Brown Christmas” by themselves.

An after-concert family social will be held with food and snacks provided. Any possible allergen will be displayed in front of each product, as to prevent any harm. Attendees are encouraged to stay and enjoy the food.

Jenkins Middle School will be playing with both the Orchestra and Band during the concerts. However, their conductors have not disclosed which songs they will be playing with the Doherty Students.

The Band Concerts
Mr. Sapienza has done so much work and preparing for the concerts. He explains, “I cannot have all of my groups on the same night, cause then everyone will be there forever.” Mr. Sapienza’s Concert Band and Wind Symphony will be performing on the 9th, and his Jazz Band on the 10th.

The Concert Band will start their night off with, “Christmas in Spain,” and “Air for Band Byzantine.” The Wind Symphony will then play “Spirals of Light,” “Start New Moon,” and “Equilibrium.” The Jenkins’s Band will perform a song with them.

The Jazz Band will perform, “West Coast Blues,” “Moon Dance,” and “Torofeo De Bolos” on the 10th. The same night, the Russell Band will perform with them as well. “It’s not exactly Christmas related, but we do have some pretty amazing songs,” Mr. Sapienza says.

The Choir Concert
The combined choirs will perform “Carol of the Bells,” to start off the night. The Concert Choir will go to perform, “God Rest Ye Merry Men,” by Pentatonix and the classic “Feliz Navidad.”

The Men’s Choir will perform “The Christmas Song.” Then, singing with Odyssey’s Men’s Choir, they’ll perform, “Ding-A Ding-A Ding.” The Spartan Select Choir, the Men’s and Women’s groups, will sing “White Winter Hymnal,” also arranged by Pentatonix.

Eclectic, the Women’s Choir, will perform “Silent Night” and “Christmas Pops Trio.”

Momentum, the Show Choir will sing, “All I Want for Christmas is You,” and singing the soloist part, will be Cole Russell.

Odyssey, the mixed advanced choir, will perform “O Holy Night,” “Hallelujah Chorus,” and “Mary, Did You Know?” by Pentatonix. Finishing up the night, the combined choirs will perform “White Christmas.” Afterwards, there will be ice cream for sale for 4 dollars each. Flavors included are chai, mint chocolate chip, peanut butter, and peppermint. The money will be donated to the choir program for Doherty’s singers.

A few soloist parts will be performed too. “I’m excited for it. I’ve always loved Christmas songs,” said sophomore Justin Pierce.