Parking Problems at Doherty

Anita Salazar, Staff Writer

District 11 policy makes students pay to park in the school parking lot. At the beginning of the year, it is $50, and after Christmas, it is $25. As a punishment for not paying, security gives out tickets: the 1st time is a warning, 2nd time is a $15 fine, 3rd time $20, $4th time $25, 5th and final time it is $30.  If you don’t pay the fees within 30 days after you get the ticket, you will get a boot on your car.  It’s the law to go to school; however, you have to pay to park.

I feel like this is too much. Since we are required to be here and have so many other fees, the district should reconsider making us pay these fees, especially for students on free or reduced lunch.

There are 320 student parking spots for the whole student section, so you aren’t granted a parking spot even if you pay for a permit. Its first come, first served.

Something new that is coming this year is a raffle for painting parking spots for seniors only. For $25, a lucky number of seniors will be able to decorate their own spot. By the way, if you park in someone’s spot, you can end up with a fine, so be careful. For those who cannot afford more fees, these are just more things we have to worry about.

There seems to be many more issues with the parking lot besides the fees. The student lot only has one exit, so everyone is going the same way with parents trying to pick up their kids and students leaving. It causes things to move slowly and could cause an accident. At the end of the day, security closes off the right lane, leaving one lane to get to the exit. This slows down traffic, so now there is only one exit and one lane to get out.

To fix these problems, let’s consider lowering the price and making more than one entrance/exit.