Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays! You are probably asking what holiday I celebrate. Personally I celebrate Christmas, and my favorite parts about the holidays are listening to Christmas music, spending time with family, and I like looking at Christmas Lights. I also go to the Festival of Lights every year. One thing I dislike about Christmas is that it is cold. I like warmer weather better than colder weather, but Christmas makes me happy regardless. Christmas is always relaxing for me, even when I am having a tough year.

I have some tips. to have a good holiday season. I found these tips from the following sources.

Keep a routine
It is better to keep a routine, because a change in routine is able to cause more stress.

Think moderation
Don’t overdo it. Don’t stress about having to get everything done too much. If you feel you don’t have enough time to get the items on your to-do list done to get enough sleep during the night, maybe start accomplishing the items on your to-do list earlier, and make more time to where you can still get enough sleep.

Throw guilt out of the window
Get rid of unwanted pressure. Get rid of the thoughts of “You’re not good enough”. Know that you are trying as hard as you possibly can. Try to embrace that it is the holiday season. If it helps you, get out of the house and go do festive things, and go to festive events. Hey, you could even go do something that clears your mind of the negative thoughts, even if it is not festive.

Now I wanted to know what other people thought about the holidays.

What holiday do you celebrate?
Steven Green, 9th grade: “I celebrate Christmas”
Grace McCormick, 9th grade: “I celebrate Christmas”
Annabelle Preston, 9th grade: “I celebrate Christmas”

What is your favorite part about your holiday?
Steven Green, 9th grade: “Christmas Dinner”
Grace McCormick, 9th grade: “Getting to sleep in”
Annabelle Preston, 9th grade: “The feeling of family”

What is one thing you dislike about your holiday?
Steven Green, 9th grade: “It doesn’t always snow”
Grace McCormick, 9th grade: “It is always so centered about getting presents, even though that is not what it is about”
Annabelle Preston, 9th grade: “I don’t like how Christmas has no other meaning other than presents.”