F1 2023 Season Overview


Formula 1

The lineup of drivers for the 2022-2023 F1 season. All drivers look forward to reaching the top this year.

The F1 2023 season is coming,  and coming in hot with the car reveals starting the next month. Starting with Hass on January 31, Red Bull on February 3, next with Williams on the 6th, Alfa Romeo on the 7th, Alpha Tauri on the 11th, Aston Martin on the 13th, Maclaren on the 13th, Ferrari on the 14th, and Mercedes on the 15th. Alpine has not set a date yet.

Teams and performances from 2022 Red Bull had an amazing 2022, winning the Constructors Championship and having their very own Max Verstappen win the Drivers’ Championship with 454 points in the 2022 season and his second Championship in a row. They couldn’t do this without his teammate Sergio Perez who put in a major effort for them to win the constructors championship with 305 points himself and coming in third for the drivers’ championship. In 2023 they will keep both of their championship drivers and will hope to repeat in both championships.

Ferrari had a great season last year with them getting second in the Constructors Championship lead by Charles Leclerc who got second in the driver’s Championship with 308 points and his teammate Carlos Sainz getting 5th in the drivers and scoring 246 points. In 2023 they will keep both of their drivers and they are looking to be more of a threat to Red bull hoping to close that gap and take both championships. Mercedes had a disappointing season for them only getting third in the Constructors when in the past 10 years they have won 8 Constructors, and they got 4th in the drivers having a new driver for them George Russel come through in a big way. Lewis Hamilton had a down year getting 6th which is surprising for the 7-time world Champion.

They are also keeping their drivers. They hope to make a good change and either get up to the 1 or 2 in the constructors. Alpine Renault Had a good season for them finishing 4th in the Constructors and had Esteban Ocon Finnish 8th with 92 points and his teammate Fernando Alonso Finnish 9th with 81 points. For the 2023 season Alonso will be leaving Alpine Renault to go to Aston Martin, but they will have former Red Bull and Alpha Tauri driver who will be looking to make an impact and show that he is ready for being in a faster car. For the 2023 season they will look to keep their 4th position in the constructors. Mclaren had a decent season for them getting 5th and having their drivers Lando Norris Finnish 7th in the drivers having a good season for himself with 122 points and Daniel Ricciardo finishing 11th in the drivers with 32 points.

Daniel will be leaving Mclaren to be a backup driver for Red Bull after a rough season for himself. In his absence they will be bringing up a F2 driver to take his place. For the 2023 season they will look to take the 4th place spot from Alpine Renault. Alfa Romeo finished 6th in the Constructors and had their drivers Valtteri Bottas Finnish 10th with 49 points and his teammate Zhou Guanyl Finnish 18th with 6 points.

With Both drivers staying at Alfa Romeo for the 2023 season they will hope to have Zhou Guanyl score more points to help propel them farther up in the Constructors. Aston Martin finished 7th which is not bad for a young team, but after high hopes this could come as a disappointment to them. Sebastian Vettel got 12th with 37 points and Lance Stroll got 15th with 18 points. Sebastian Vettel is leaving F1 after a rough season so Fernando Alonso will come take his place. For the 2023 season they will hope to move into the top 5 for the constructer’s championship. Hass Finished 8th in the Constructors having Kevin Magnussen getting 13th in the drivers with 25 points and Mick Schumacher getting 16th with 12 points. They will lose Schumacher, but he will be replaced by Niko Hulkenberg.

For the 2023 season they will look to improve in the mid field and get into the top 5. Alpha Tauri got 9th in the constructors with Pierre Gasly getting 14th in the drivers scoring 23 points and Yuki Tsunoda getting 17th with 12 points. With Gasly leaving they will replace him with a F2 driver De Vries. In the 2023 season they will look to climb to the midfield. Williams got 10th in the constructors with their driver’s Alex Albon getting 19th in the drivers with 4 points, and his teammate Nichols Latifi getting 20th scoring 2 points. Latifi Leaving they will be replacing him with F2 driver Sargeant. For the 2023 season they will look to climb the midfield.