Building Good Habits


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We all know that our teen years are one of the most challenging things that we experience in life. As you get older, whether it is graduating high school, or getting close to retirement and anywhere in between. Looking back and wishing you had done so many things differently. You did not take school as seriously as you should have, or you took it too seriously. Sadly, we cannot go back in time, and that is okay because despite thinking we are unsuccessful or feeling a little disappointed you must realize there were plenty of lessons you learned. Everyone goes through different experiences but overall, nobody can control where life takes us except ourselves. 

As teenagers we do not think about the long-term impact of those choices and things we made will have on us. From the people we surround ourselves with, the time management skills we develop, or in some cases the situations that are out of our control. I’m here to tell you that it is okay. If you focus and dwell so much on the past you will only be stuck instead of moving to accomplish the goals and dreams you have. Everyone has setbacks and struggles; it is what you do with those that impact you in your future. Growing up is never a bad thing; although it is difficult and depressing you must realize you are supposed to grow up.

People need to realize that their mental health should be held just as important as physical health. Being a teenager and developing these following habits will lead to making sure you do not develop unhealthy, and difficult mindsets.

Communicating is a big thing in normal daily life. Communication gets us through everything. If you regret something you said to somebody apologize and talk about it. Talking things through with people Is always good after everybody is calmed down depending on the situation.

Managing your thoughts is important. If you are feeling down, make sure you channel your stress with something positive. Having a clear mind is important because if you do not. Stress can affect how you function daily. For example, if you have a lot of stress, you might not get a good sleep. Doherty Sophomore Madison Merrifield says, “Managing your thoughts is really important because then you focused on one or two things at a time, instead of everything at once. I’ve found that it helps if the few things you focused on are related to each other and when you figure those out you can move on to the next few.” I agree with this if you have less on your mind it is easier to focus on the next thing you are doing.

Time management plays an important role in everyone’s lives. Having good time management will help you in the future. For example, working, paying bills, doctors’ appointments, etc. You can help yourself have good time management by turning in schoolwork on time and making sure you get to school on time.

Setting reminders is always a good thing to do. Teens can often forget easily if something is due or if they had other plans for that day. You can use tools like your phone or a computer to set reminders. Microsoft Outlook can set reminders for you for when you open your computer it will be there for you. Also, you can do it the old school way by writing something on a whiteboard or having sticky notes.

Being kind to everyone is important. People always remember compliments or something positive said about them. Even if someone is being mean does not mean you have to be mean back. The saying “kill them with kindness” is always a good thing to do. Often if you are kind to one another people will always be kind to you back. Doherty Sophomore James Abeyta says “Kindness is important because that’s what makes us as a school and as a society to be one. You won’t be successful in life is like if  you are not kind to those who are around you,  make that change to be kind to others.” So, therefore, being kind is important to build us as a community and is a good life skill.

Making goals for yourself is always good even if they are small. Making goals will help you strive toward something good. Rather It is just getting a good grade on a test or climbing the tallest mountain whatever floats your boat.

Being yourself is the best thing you can do for yourself. There is only one of you and that makes you unique, changing for others just to fit in is bad if they cannot see your values, is their problem. Never change for anyone else, you are amazing the way you are, do not let anyone change you.

Everyone has a unique perspective when it comes to what life looks like and that is an amazing thing. It is those who see the light in any situation and stop to smell the roses and pick up a penny who makes it far with a positive attitude. For the adults reading this, do not be disappointed with where life was, look forward and make life better. For my fellow teens/young adults start making better choices and priorities if you need to. You all still have time so do not let it go by too quickly. You all got this!